As of 2014, we have achieved full Traceability of SOPB Group of Plantations. The system has been verified by a third party certification body.

(a) SOPB Group

  • 100% traceable to the SOPB Group of Plantations.

(b) 3rd Party Suppliers

  • CPO : 100% traceable to the Mills.
  • PK : 100% traceable to the Mills.
  • FFB : 100% traceable and in the course of mapping their site-specific locations.

We are now working with external supplying mills to help them achieve full Traceability to Plantation by 2020 as mandated by MSPO.

These 100% traceable FFB purchased from 3rd party suppliers includes smallholders, outgrowers and collection centres have had their respective Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) license recorded where basic information such as name, address and farm hectares of the operational units were stated therein. With the present information available, we conclude that these were deemed to be traceable on paper based on their legality other than site-specific location. These traceability gaps will be verified by a third party certification body by January 2020 when all FFB must be traceable to the estates as mandated by MSPO.


Traceability Status for 2nd Quarter 2020:

Downstream Operations (Refinery) Full Traceability

(a) Crude Palm Oil (CPO)


(b) Palm Kernel (PK)






CORRECT AS OF 02 July 2020