The cultivation of oil palms in the plantation industry is closely related to nature, therefore due consideration must be made to the way we carry out our operations by adopting Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and through our internal Agriculture Manual. The Group strives to ensure all sustainable principle and criteria are adhered forthe benefit of our present and future generation. We place the importance of implementing best practices for our estates and mills operation as this will help to protect the wellbeing of our environment.

Zero Burning Policy

In our Environmental Sustainability Policy, we stated our commitment to practice zero-burning in all plantation development activities and waste disposal.

When it comes to new development or replanting which involves land clearing, we advocates to our zero-burning policy. Old palm trees are felled, chipped and left to decompose on site as per guidelines in our internal Agriculture Manual.

This is an effort to mitigate GHG emissions and smoke pollution which commonly associated with land clearing. Besides that, the natural decomposition of plants helps in returning the organic matter to the soil.