Supply Chain & Traceability

SOPB Group is committed to trace the sources of its palm products to the originating palm oil mills. To-date, SOPB is able to trace CPO supplier up to mill level. The PK that SOPB exports are produced exclusively at our Bintulu mill and is deemed fully traceable.

Although palm products supplied from third party suppliers could be very onerous to trace due to the inherent complexities along the supply chain, which include small growers and smallholders, the Group has taken steps to understand the practices of its third party suppliers and will continue to engage them to enhance its traceability mechanism.

In September 2016, SOPB Group held a Seminar cum Dialogue with all the CPO/PK/FFB suppliers including smallholder (Refer to Sustainability Certification Section). This is an ongoing effort by SOPB to trace its palm product source until third party, including to smallholder level.