Sustainability Governance

Sustainability is an integral part of SOPB’s business and over the years, we make concerted effort to ensure a balanced integration of the three P’s of sustainability, People, Planet and Profit in our business and operation, from the Board of Directors, down to the operational level of employees of Sarawak Oil Palm Group of Companies. Our Top management (GCEO, COO and HOD’s) has been working closely and actively with various stakeholders, relevant agencies besides being active member in numerous working groups and technical committees for sustainability certifications and industry workgroups.

Our Board of Directors is accountable for setting up our Group sustainability objectives, targets, strategy and management. Our GCEO is responsible to oversee the overall Sustainability journey, progress and decision making.

The Sustainability Department, established in 2013, hold the responsibility in ensuring strategies, policies, commitments, messages and instructions regarding sustainability from the top management are delivered down to site management of our operations at each premise; estate, mill, refinery, trading, etc. The Sustainability Department also reports to Head of Business Units for Corporate, Plantation Operation, Mill Operation and Workshop & Logistics.

The internal sustainability audits carried out by the Sustainability Department has help the Group to manage sustainability risk and improve our sustainability performances across the entire supply chain (from upstream to downstream). SOPB strives to improve the understanding of environmental compliance issues and assess the workplace condition against international standards and national regulations.

Sustainability Units or Team are established at each premise to ensure all sustainable practices, compliances to the various relevant laws are implemented at ground level.
The Group has established two key policies in the year 2014; Environmental Sustainability Policy and Social & Community Policy. The policies are signed by our GCEO and is publicly available portray the Group’s sustainability commitments and practices in taking care of the environment and social responsibility of our internal and external stakeholders.