Safety & Health

Since its first establishment in 1999, the SOPB Group of Safety & Health Department has undoubtedly upholding the Group’s commitment towards safeguarding its employees and ensuring that SOPB is a well favoured and safe place to work under.

Safety is one of the utmost priorities in SOPB and guided by our Occupational Safety & Health Policy, we continue to strive in improving our safety and health practices. In order to effectively practicing the cores of our Occupational Safety & Health Policy, a Safety & Health Committee was set up at each operating business division ranging from 46 estates, 7 mills as well as downstream division.

Incident & Accident Statistic

Since 2015, accident cases involving severities clinically medicalize leave compensation have decrease by 59.12%. While non-clinically incident rate has been significantly decreased by 87.00% from the 72.48% total cases reported from the past 2 years. The significant decrease percentage in total cases reported has showed that the Group is fully committed in nurturing the employees towards safe work and operating procedure thus practicing healthy working culture throughout its…

Continuous Improvement & Development

The Safety & Health Department is committed in continuous improvement towards the occupational safety & health practices’ implementation and recommendations of the upscale Group’s business operation and in line with the modern working practices. For the past 2 years, through an extensive collaboration between the group’s Safety & Health Department and various appointed third-party OSH related agencies, the Group has gone through few major projects in compliance with the requirements of Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH).
SOPB Group’s Safety & Health team has gone an extra mile since embarking into sustainability certification such as Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) and International Sustainability Carbon Certification (ISCC) through a comprehensive compliance towards the principle of such certifications, as well as intensifies its employees’ awareness regarding safety and health as a major aspect in sustainability.