Diversity & Meeting Basic Needs

Diversity Meeting Basic Needs
We believe that our employees are valuable assets and crucial to the success of the Group. We aim to maintain a pool of high quality staff that will work towards our goals with high degree of efficiency and excellent productivity.

We also emphasized on equality and diversity of our communities as we celebrate and value the differences that we have.

With a total of 11,609 employees as at December 2016 for all operation, we aim to be an employer of choice. We provide trainings as to empower our employees and developing their skills and experiences.

We strongly believe that any forms of violence, harassment or discrimination would not be tolerated by any means.

Our operation units are usually situated in rural areas and with 83.4% of our workers are of Indonesian nationality, therefore, providing a comprehensive range of amenities is one of our duties as an employer. This includes housing, water and electricity supply, places of worship, childcare facilities and other recreational amenities.