Tinbarap Conservation Forest

Floristic composition and carbon stock assessment of the Tinbarap Conservation Area (TCA) peat swamp forest of Tinbarap Estate

This project is a collaboration with Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) Tropical Peat Institute (TROPI) to assess the species composition of trees and estimate the carbon stock of the Tinbarap Peat Swamp Forest in Tinbarap Estate.


The methodology used for the census were based off the RAINFOR-GEM Field manual.

A census was conducted in the peat swamp forest of Tinbarap Estate by randomly selecting two 1ha plots. Trees that have a diameter at breast height (DBH) of 10cm or more was included in the census. Physical parameters of the trees were recorded, and the trees were tagged. Leave samples were also collected for herbarium samples and species identification.

Data from the census were then used to estimate the above ground biomass (AGB) and below ground biomass (BGB) of the forest.


The results of the census are as follow:

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Tree species composition of TCA Peat Swamp Forest CLICK Here to view result

Carbon stock estimate

Tree density 565 individuals/ha
Carbon stock** 43.89 tonnes C/ha

*Data as of 2017

** Calculation based on allometric equation from Manuri et al, 2014

Diversity and conservation of bird, mammal and fish species in Tinbarap Conservation Area (TCA)

This project is an conservation effort between SOPB and MPOB and expert assistance from Professor Dr. Andrew Alek Tuen of UNIMAS which focuses on the species richness of birds, mammals and fishes in Tinbarap Estate.


Birds – mist nets, call sounds and observation
Mammals – Camera traps, mist nets, observation and interviews
Fishes – Fishing nets, line & hooks


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List of birds in the TCA and Tinbarap Estate and their conservation status CLICK Here to view result
List of Mammals found in TCA and Tinbarap Estate CLICK Here to view result
List of Fish in TCA and Tinbarap Estate CLICK Here to view result